Founded by husband and wife team...


If Jess can sketch it, Daniel can build it.

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Jessica Flores

Managing Partner, Designer

An eye for design with a passion for transforming her clients’ environment. 

"My grandmother used to say, “A little paint will change your life.” I have always found that to hold true. While Creative Living is my second career, I grew up making all sorts of things with a sewing machine, glue gun and my father’s woodworking tools. When Daniel and I decided to take on a remodel with a friend (which turned into a complete tear down and rebuild one board at a time), we realized that we loved the process of creating new living spaces. Nothing compares to the overwhelming joy the finished project brings to our client’s faces."


Daniel Flores

Artist, Craftsman & Builder

Grew up knowing that if he wanted something new, he had to build it.

"I started tinkering with whatever didn’t work around the house at a very young age, then went onto a career in welding. I met Jess in the middle of a major remodel at her parents’ home and I was immediately recruited to help out, we’ve been building things together ever since in some capacity or another. I’ve shrunk luxury into small living quarters in horse trailers, built 12 feet high 8 foot diameter bars, built furniture, barns, arenas, hideaways and remodeled every home we’ve ever lived in… sometimes more than once. Jess works closely with our clients to come up with the ideas and I figure out how to make them work in their space. I love that every project we do is unique to the last and that we get to know some great people along the way."

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Chloe Lowery

Office Manager

A self-proclaimed DIYer and ultra organized chief of keeping things in order.

"With 7 years experience managing others in an office setting it’s been nice to change it up and use my creative side ever so often; all while keeping others in check of course! I am able to tailor my skills to meet the needs of various clients while bringing a sense of balance to the team through maintaining a tight schedule for the day-to-day processes. While my ‘lists’ may overwhelm others, I find them the most strategic way to get what I want done, in the way it should be done, and in a timely fashion. I may have to pull on the reigns every now and then, but I love my team and love what I do. I enjoy watching these beautiful ideas transform into reality and love being able to assist in bringing them to life.”

Sabas Rodriguez

Craftsman & Site Boss

A long history in the construction industry building from the ground up with a commitment to detail.

"I've known Jess and Daniel for well over 10 years, personally and professionally. We've worked on some creative and ambitious projects over the years prior to their new business. It was no surprise that they would find themselves in home remodeling and furniture making one day as it seems they've been doing it all along in some way or another. When Daniel asked me to join them in Creative Living to help lead the crews and create some of the pieces Jess had in mind, I didn't hesitate. I knew they would work on interesting projects and those are the kind that I like best.”

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